Masterpiece Education & Visa Centre was established in Sydney, Australia and in 2016, Masterpiece has cooperated with many institutes in Australia and we are following the standard of the National Code 2007, the Migration Act 1958 and supporting the integrity of the Australian Government's migration laws. As an education agent, Masterpiece needs to ensure that our students complete their course within the expected duration and the value of the course will assist them to gain employment in their home country. 

Masterpiece warmly welcomes everyone and we are pleased to help our students in preparing a visa application and delivering a visa application to the department on behalf of them. Masterpiece has provided professional education consultants to international students and fully provide accurate information based on current Australian regulations and policies. Our staffs are experienced in Australian visa lodgement service and we are dealing with in regard to a student application for any particular issues and cross-cultural issues. 

Our mission is to make the best educational options for international students. 

Masterpiece is maintaining our high standards as well as we are delivering high and consistent levels of service, and have ethical practices.

Ms. Xiaoli (Summer) ZHANG

Managing Director

(Senior Taxation Accountant, CPA & SMSF Specialist)


Summer is experienced in accounting policies for small to large business entities, like Partnership, Trust, Company and Self-Managed Super Fund and taxation compliance. She is specialised in some main accounting software packages including BankLink, MYOB, Quicken Book and Handisoft.


Summer has worked internationally in accounting filed in domestic and overseas countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Laos, and Thailand. She  received many inquiries from her clients regarding study and travel in Australia. Most clients are looking for the professional education agent. To improve professional knowledge and professional service, and acting diligently, she officially established Masterpiece Education & Visa Centre  in Sydney in February 2016 as the Head Office, and another branch office named as ‘Representative of Masterpiece Education & Visa Centre (Vientiane, Laos)’ in September 2016.  Summer is currently holding the Managing Director & Accounting Manager of Masterpiece Education & Visa Centre.

Summer holds a Master of Accounting (CPA Extension) from Macquarie University, Australia. 


Executive Director / Senior Education Consultant



James is an experienced in Australian visa lodgement service and give advice for students ethically and professionally. James has been working in the international education industry since 2013. He has done many complex and successful cases. It does not matter where students come from or what religions they are, James is happy to help their students be prepared for their new life in Australia properly and legally. To ensure those students are safe, enjoy their studies and multicultural society.  


James was invited to join in Masterpiece Education & Visa Centre Pty Ltd, holding as the Executive Director. James is responsible for business ethics and he is acting in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and dealing with international students competently, diligently and fairly. He strongly believe that Masterpiece acts professionally and ethically.


James said "Most of the international students spend a lot of time and money to make the best educational choices. However, Masterpiece is acting in a competent and honourable way under our motto 'professionalism, fairness and good services'. Masterpiece warmly welcomes and supports students from all over the world. We are providing a range of suitable study options and student education service for international students mostly from Thailand and Laos as well as some from Philippines, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal and other Southeast Asia Countries". We are proud of our achievements over the years and we would like to help students to achieve their goals.

James holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand. He has graduated a Diploma of Marketing and Communication from Australian Pacific College, Australia and also a Master of Business Management from the University of Wollongong, Australia. 


James (พี่เจมส์)

James is an experienced in Australian visa lodgement service and give advice for students ethically and professionally

Amie (พี่เอมี่)

Amie is a friendly senior education consultant and she has more than 10 year's experience in the Australian education industry.

Ellie (พี่หน่อง)

Ellie is praised to be a professional education consultant in Laos, with the relevance of a given course to a student in relationship to their proposed career path.